Przydatność 100% Napisz biografię kogoś kto Ci imponuje i uzasadnij swój wybór.otworz w nowym oknie

Autor: nieznajomyy The person that impresses me the most is John Paul II .His real name is Karol Józef Wojtyła and he was born on 18th May 1920 in Wadowice, where he spent all his childhood. Then everybody called him Lolek. It’s funny in comparison with his later nickname John Paul II. He comes from a poor family. His mother died in 13th April 1929 when she was 45 years old. Still as a child he started learning in September 1930 in Public Grammar School. Next, then as a teenager, he finished this school...

Przydatność 100% List motywacyjnyotworz w nowym oknie

Autor: Broken_promises I am writing in connection with the job advertisment in newspapper, which i faund in New Your times at the 20th of april. I would like to apply for the postition of baby sitting . My experience and education give me excellent qualifications for this position. I am twenty one years old and I'm a student of psychology on Universyty of Cambridge. I am friendly, responsible and skilled person and i Like children. I have much experience working with children. I had been working as a volunteer....

Przydatność 100% Endangered speciesotworz w nowym oknie

Autor: Nowadays, we have to face environmental problems.One of them are endangered species. Many animals find it more and more difficult to survive as their natural habitat is destroyed.One of solutions to protect them from extinction is to give financial support to poorer countries where people cut trees because they need wood and the farmland to grow crops on. Another solution to the problem is to plant more and more trees so that destroyed habitats could be substituted for new ones. It is also...

Przydatność 75% Should the shops be opened on Sunday and during another holidays? What are for and against this issue?otworz w nowym oknie

Autor: Since the great shopping molls appeared, a big problem emerged. Should the shops be opened on Sunday and during another holidays? What are for and against this issue? I would try to answer to that controversial problem. Everybody knows how difficult it is to find some free time during week for shopping. Society is more and more busy ? students have to work hard to graduate successfully and adults usually take overtime to earn a living. In this case, the best time to do some shopping is...

Przydatność 80% Has urban life got anything to offer?otworz w nowym oknie

Autor: The issues mentioned in the article which include excessive pollution, traffic congestion and rising crime rates, are main factors making life in the cities unbearable. What a waste of time it is to stand in a traffic jam every morning and every afternoon. This is how most of commuters spend time going to and from work. The situation could be improved if new road systems were build. Some cities are simply wrong designed and very little can be made to improve the situation. Besides, such...

Przydatność 80% About the way hens are treated on farms...otworz w nowym oknie

Autor: .......................... ........................ .........................

Przydatność 80% Being a child of famous parents- benefits and drawbacksotworz w nowym oknie

Autor: Dodano: 2010-11-25 Fame is usually connected with glamour, style, money, recognition and public attention. Have you ever considered what life is really like being born to someone who has all of those aspects? Being a child of famous parents has its benefits and drawbacks. One major advantage of it is having more opportunities such as prestigious schools thanks to material comforts. In addition, in spite of poor skills and low education, a famous name can help such a child to achieve success, what...

Przydatność 80% Living in a countryotworz w nowym oknie

Autor: opeth LIVING IN A COUNTRY Nowadays many people decide to live in a city.The main reason for people migration from country is more work opportunity in a city. Smaller unemployment is in the city because there it is possible to find many workplaces which assure suitables rewards. There are many people who want to take profit from charms of large department stores, of shops, supermarkets and services as well as the many varieties entertainments, discos and night life not found in the country. Another...

Przydatność 80% Describe your own town (Rzeszów)otworz w nowym oknie

Autor: Andree Rzeszów is a provincial capital and the largest urban center in the south – eastern part of Poland. It has a population of 155 thousand and plays the role of an important local economic cultural and scientific center. There are three rivers running through the town. Their names are the Vislok, the Mikośka, and the Przyrwa. Rzeszów is situated at the junction of important road and rail transport routes, including the E4 international motorway. The climate is hot in the summer, and cold in...

Przydatność 80% Formal Letter - against the new supermarketotworz w nowym oknie

Autor: smeagole I am writing to express my concern regarding the new supermarket which is about to be built in our city. My wish is to convince our society and the Government with this letter to take action and stop the project. The first reason are the children. For the past ten years, the area has been full of children, spending their free time there, playing in the playground – enjoying the precious moments of their childhood. What will happen if eventually the supermarket is built? Cars, pollution...

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