Przydatność 90% Description of my catotworz w nowym oknie

Autor: 19siatkara91 When I was fourteen I get a little cat. My parents give him to me on my birthday. I was very happy, because I always want a little cat like Maurycy. I didn’t know what name I can give for him, until my friend says: Do you already have name for him? Like Maurycy or something? Well, “Maurycy” must catched on. He is three years old, but I have him about two years and a half. Maurycy is a mongrel. He is all grey with black stripes, he looks thin, but he like eating very much. He...

Przydatność 85% Providing solutions to Problems Essay - Environmentotworz w nowym oknie

Autor: Dodano: 2011-03-18 There are different problems with environment on the Earth, which are important, but people don't care about them. I am going to write about main problems, on which we should pay attention more. The first problem is deforestation. People cut down trees to built houses or to heat them. It's wrong becouse woods give us oxygen. An alternative solution would be to plant new trees and save tropical forests, which are smaller amd smaller nowadays. The next problem is connected...

Przydatność 80% Trapped in the Snowotworz w nowym oknie

Autor: “Trapped in the Snow” One day Bob and Ian decided to go on a trip to the dangerous mountain. They were very experienced climbers, who loved mountaineering. The weather was sunny and the sky was cloudless. Ian wanted to warm up so he decided to make hot, instant soup. He lit a small stove and then the climbers heard a rumbling noise of falling snow and ice. The snow blocked the entrance to the cave and the climbers were trapped there. It was freezing cold and they were scared....

Przydatność 80% Jan Paweł II. First polish pope.otworz w nowym oknie

Autor: Jan Paweł II (Karol Wojtyła) The first Polish Pope Jan Paweł II was born on 18 may 1920 y. in the south of Poland. He was a good poet, actor and enthusiast of polish mountains. on 14 May 1938 Karol Wojtyła finished the school. He covered the theatre in the autumn 1941. In 1942 he joined an order. He was a good priest. He wrote a lot of poems. on 16 October 1978 he had chosen as a Pope. on 13 May 1981, Jan II Paweł were shot by the Mehmeta assassin for...

Przydatność 80% My usual day otworz w nowym oknie

Autor: I usually wake up very early, about 6.20 am but I get up twenty minutes later. I go to the toilet. Then I go to the bathroom where I wash my face, brush my teeth and comb my hair. I come back to my room, where I get dressed and make my bed. I take my schoolbag and go to the kitchen. I make a sandwich and tea. I eat breakfast at about 7.15 am. Then I put on shoes, a jacket and I go to school. I meet my friends and we walk together. I usually have 6 lessons and I finish school at about 1.30pm....

Przydatność 80% An important person in my life.otworz w nowym oknie

Autor: Meg04 The person that impresses me the most is John Paul II .His real name is Karol Józef Wojtyła and he was born on 18th May 1920 in Wadowice, where he spent all his childhood. Then everybody called him Lolek. It?s funny in comparison with his later nickname John Paul II. He comes from a poor family. His mother died in 13th April 1929 when she was 45 years old. Still as a child he started learning in September 1930 in Public Grammar School. Next, then as a teenager, he finished this school with...

Przydatność 80% Pluses and minuses living in the city and the country otworz w nowym oknie

Autor: paulinka2313 Living in the city is different than living in the country.First of all, life in the city is more comfortable. The city offers many opportunities to young people. First of all, they can attend there the best schools and universities and good educational background increas their chances to get a well-paid job.Young people can socialize in cafes, pubs, clubs or discos. there are also many sport facilities- gyms, tennis courts or swimming pools.hey can enjoy shopping in large shopping centres...

Przydatność 80% Opis pokoju ( zmieniony ) otworz w nowym oknie

Autor: My room is very spacious. It is placed in on ground floor. It is purple color. There are big windows in my room and so it is well lit. There is a sofa, coffee table, wardrobe, bookcase, desk and several shelves in my room. There are a lot of photos and reminders standing on those shelves. There is a desk with computer standing on the right side of the window. Right next to the entrance there is a sofa. The coffee table is opposite sofa. Decorative plates hang on wall. There is a lot of space...

Przydatność 80% My first teacherotworz w nowym oknie

Autor: hellgirl91 My first teacher, at my primary school, was Mrs.XXX. I met her in September 1998. She was teaching in Primary School No 22. She has been my teacher for three years and she professed me all subjects. Next, in 4th class, she professed only biology. She was in her thirties, she looked young. She wasn’t tall, she was medium height. She was slim, but she wasn’t too pretty. She had ginger hairs, she hadn’t got a fringe. Sometimes she wore a ponytail or a bun. Her eyes were big and green....

Przydatność 80% Computers in my countryotworz w nowym oknie

Autor: Computers in my country Adults Computers are more popular in my country and adults use it at work and at home too. At work they use it for designing computer games, buldings or clothes. They also work computer technologists and take care of computers, write personal data of their work, they print, write e-mails and read newspapers. In the 21st century all adults must know how to use computers because they need in the work. At home they often search the web chat and use internet...

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