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Plan wycieczki 7-mio dniowej.


The plan of seven?s day trip to Danish island Bornholm


Swinoujscie to Ronne
We started with ferry trip at 10 o?clock in Swinoujscie. It will take 5 hours. On the ferry there will be possibility to buy something to eat, you can play, drink some alcohol or watching some interesting movie.
We stay in Hotel Gloria, after accommodation you have free time.

This fortress is at Bornholm's northwestern corner, where it defended the island at various times from the mid-13th Century through the 1600s.

Don't just rush through the capital.. It's an appealing town with many shops and several interesting museums, including Erichsens G?rd .

The two towns run together, forming the busiest tourist center outside R?nne. Allinge has some good restaurants and shops; Sandvig, up the road, has an indoor salt-water swimming pool with hydraulically generated surf and a view of the Baltic through large windows.
Fishermen still bring in herring, Baltic salmon, and other species at Gudjhem, which has been a fishing port since the Middle Ages. The town was more important in Hanseatic times than it is today, but it's still popular with visiting artists and fans of Bornholm smoked herring (which got its start in Gudjhem).
Round church (Nykars kirke, Olsker kirke, Nyker kirke, ?sterlars kirke)
Bornholm has four round churches that once served as fortresses when the congregants weren't being born, baptized, or buried. They're well worth visiting, both for their historical interest and handsome interiors.
Christians? and Frederiks?
The "pea islands" lie 20 km (13 miles) off Svaneke, where they've served as Denmark's easternmost military outposts since 1684. The extensive fortifications and gun batteries are still there, we visit them by taking a passenger ferry from Gudhjem or Allinge.
At 10 o?clock return to Poland.

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