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Adam Małysz - biografia


Adam Małysz was born on 03.12.1977 in Wisła. Wisła is a small town on south of Poland. He got married to Iza when he was 20, soon after his doughter was born. He was keen on ski jumping from his childhood. His first coach was his uncel Jan Szturc. His advantag is that, he waight a little and is not very toll, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have strenght. First time he took part i World Championchip in 1994/95, and in 96/97 he land on 7th place.

Altough Adam Małysz has ahiewd much he hasn’t change at all. He is still modest inhabitant of Wisła town. Money, he has earnd, hasn’t turned his head. He is very emotionally strong, what helps him to over come filenes. He’s more freandly to his fans and he doesn’t look down poeple as oders ski jumpers do.

Adam Małysz began his careere on the turning point of years 2000/2001. In a greate way he beat Martin Schmidt, the contemporary champion in ski jump. Later he won 12 competitions, f.e. in: Harrahov, Sapporo or Lahti. Schmidt starting to lose next year, but new german ski jumping star appeard, Sven Hannawald. When Małysz was in bed condition Sven easly won several competitions. It wasn’t enoug, however, to beat the champion. This year Adam is warming up, and now he is in the top six of the best ski jumpers in the world.

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