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Recenzja ulubionego filmu

Autor: Yipssie

Recenzja ulubionego filmu ? ?Szósty zmysł? (?The sixth sense?)

1999 many Oscars went to the thriller ?The sixth sense?. The film, that is directed by M. Night Shyamalan, stars many good actors, for example Bruce Willis ( as a psychologist Malcolm Crow) or a prodigy Haley Joel Osment ( as a Cole Sear, patient of Malcolm).
The plot centers on a young boy that suffers from the same symptoms as Malcolm?s ex-patient ? he can see dead people. Malcolm really wants to help this child, because he feels guilty. Many years ago he couldn?t help Vincent ? a patient like Cole. Vincent committed a suicide after mental breakdown.
Cole is a boy who is paralyzed by fear of his visions of dead people. His mother worries about her son, because she doesn?t know how to help him. With the help of Dr Crow, Cole overcomes his fears, all the while discovering the purpose of his gift.
This film, that in my opinion, is the best thriller I?ve ever seen, has a very exciting script. The plot is believable and the cast is excellent. I really like the play of Haley Joel Osment, who I believe will be a big film star in the future. The music ? beautiful and full of mystery is a good background for the plot.
?The sixth sense? is certainly a wonderful film. I saw it about five times and each time I see this film I discover something new in it. I enjoy it very much. I think it?s well worth seeing.

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