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Wady i zalety telefonów komórkowych


Nowadays mobile phones are everywhere. People on the streets phone friends, send text messages and play games using this technical item. But as every invention which changed our life, cell phones have both a lot of advantages and disadvantages.

The most important advantage is that you can communicate with everyone, whenever you want and wherever you are. It is an excellent facility and very helpful because if you are in an urgent situation and you need help, you just take your mobile and make an emergency call. Besides it is great entertainment which can replace a personal computer. Every year more and more advanced games are created on mobile phones. What is more, those small things have also enormous computing power which can be used in office applications or to search the Internet.

However, everything has its drawbacks. The weakest point is the influence on our health. A cell phone emits the electromagnetic field and radiation which is harmful to our brain and body. Long calls can cause forgetting and even brain cancer. Another disadvantage is connected with costs. Mobile phones are not cheap especially when we are forced to call a lot. And when every member of the family has a mobile phone, the bills can be really huge.

All in all, the mobile phone is a great invention of our times. It really makes our lives easier, especially now, in busy times. But we must be also aware that an irresponsible use of this gadget can lead us to bankruptcy or damage our health.

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