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One of the best film I have evr seen is \" A walk to remeber\". If you are looking for a deep, romantic film “A walk to remember” could be a perfect choice. IT is a beautiful, moving film directed by Adam Shankman. It is based on novel of Nicolas Spark\'s.

The story takes place in the town called Beaufort.The film is about a real love,personal sacrifice and making one\'s dreams come true, despite of suffering from a fatal diseas. Twenty - five - year - old Shane West is brilliant as Landon Carter who is a student at Beaufort High school. He hasn’t got any plans for the future. One day everything changes. Landon meets Jaime Sullvan who is played by MAndy Moore.Jaime is a daughter of a Baptist minister. She is calm and serious. She is also religious and conservative.Jaime is a sensitive girl with a lot of dreams and a sad desting which is awaiting her, she will die in a few months...but befor that happens, she will marry Landon and fulfill her dreams.

The soundtrack of the film perfectly matches the romantic mood of the story. Since Mandy Moore is a young pop singer, she herselfsings most of the lyrics. \" A walk to remember\" is a truly gripping film showing innocent love, biterness of life and contrary to Hollywood formulas ends in a sad note.The acting is excellent and the characters are well chosen. The story put me on my knees.In my opinion \" A walk to remember\" will change the way we think about teen - movies.

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