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My Best Friend

Autor: staind

My best friend is a person who I meet eight years ago and I have been keeping up contact with him till present time. His name is Maciek but mates call him Osa. We have known each other since we started the primary school. We haven’t got any secrets between us.

He is medium height, wieghs about fifty kilos. He has got short, dark hair and slanting, brown eyes. He is well built and that is caused by visiting gym twice a week. He improves strenght and stamina of his muscles. He also wears glasses because he is short-sighted. He has got a beautiful dog called Fafik. He is a very obedient pet. He likes every kind of team sport but the most he prefers playing basketball, so do I. He also enjoys listening to rap music.

Maciek lives with his parents and he is very tidy. Every time I visit him he has got a shiny and clean room. He is also good-humoured and you can’t get bored with his company. He is very outspoken and you can talk to him about everything and he always gives you a sicere opinion. He is also very honest and generous. He lends me some cash if I am in need and he sometimes shres his goods. He is very intelligent and clever so he can always solve the problem by many methods or ways.

However, like every person he has got some drawbacks. For example he is very agressive and sometimes he even scares me with his behavior and inability of getting rid of anger and irritation. While he is under stress he can be very nervous but I always try to keep him calm and help him to avoid stressful situations.

To sum up, I think that my life would have changed a lot if I hadn’t meet Maciek. It is an unique perosn and I believe that our friendship will survive no mather how many tests it will be submitted.

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