Przydatność 45% My favourite person - O osobie,którą podziwiam. Po angielskuotworz w nowym oknie

Autor: My favourite person Charming Robert Pattinson Is the biggest films star on the Word, I think. The newest film ‘ Twilight’ made him very popular. He is tall, slim and athletic . He has got short, brown hair and an oval face with big, dark eyes, small nose and full lips. He has got fragile beard and moustaches. He often wears black T-shirts and jeans with sports shoes. Firstly, he’s really mysterious, nobody knows him very well. He’s polite and honest too. Robert always tells the...

Przydatność 45% School in Polandotworz w nowym oknie

Autor: In Poland school year begins in September and finishes in June. Polish students spend about 285 days a year at school. They go to school from Monday to Friday. Children start school at the age of 6 in kindergarten. One year later they go to elementary school. There they study e. g. history, match, polish, foreign language, art. When they was 12 they go to Gimnazjum for 3 years. After Gimnazjum students go to secondary school. In Poland are three types of secondary schools: comprehensive...

Przydatność 45% My favourite day of the weekotworz w nowym oknie

Autor: Dodano: 2011-03-31 Sunday is my favourite day of the week. I get up at 10 o'clock and I slowly make my bed and then go to the bathroom. I wash my eyes, face and brush my teeth. After that I dress up and I'm ready to eat some breakfast. I usually have cottage cheese, a sandwich with ham and coffee substitute with a milk. Later I usualy go to the supermarket. I'm almost always in a rush and I'm often late for the bus. I usually spend two hours at supermarket and come back home. I don't eat dinner at home because...

Przydatność 40% Ulubiony zespół muzycznyotworz w nowym oknie

Autor: My favourite band is Maroon 5. It has five members:Adam Levine,Jesse Carmichael,Matt Flyn,Michael Madden,James Valentine.They are from in the USA. I have all their CD's and my favourite song is "This love". Music what they create is great so i lissen her every day. Band Maroon 5 has a fantastic website On the website can you find a really cool pictures,videos and they have a fanclub.

Przydatność 40% Plusy i minusy stosowania reklamy.otworz w nowym oknie

Autor: Nowadays on the market there are more goods than ever before. Therefore selling new products isn't easy without advertising. Like everything in the world TV commercial has its bad and good sides. At first I would like to present the advantages. The main advantage of TV commercials is that they are the most effective source of providing viewers with information for instance about a certain product or service. We can quickly find out about a particular thing which we are interested in. We also...

Przydatność 40% Szkoła marzeńotworz w nowym oknie

Autor: My school of dreams... At my favourite school there are four classes every day. Classes start at nine o'clock and finish at one o'clock. We don't go to school every day. Monday and Friday are free. Uffff... What subject are obligatory? Hm... Nothing! Today is Thursday, we've got first IT, then maths, sience at the afternoon and English language. English is my favourite subject because the teacher is very nice and I understand her. I like this school because we can carry mobile phones...

Przydatność 40% Mój kraj - Polskaotworz w nowym oknie

Autor: Ogólnie Polska has a population of abaut 38 millions people. The Biggest cities are Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw, Lodz, Gdansk. The official language is Polish. In Polish is temperate climate. Polish people are helpful. Stolica Warszawa is the capital of Poland. There live 1,7 millions people. It is the biggest city of Poland. There are a lot of relic of the past: King castle, King Zygmunt’s monument. In Warsaw is a lot of restaurants and hotels. Sławni ludzie I n Poland was born a lot of...

Przydatność 40% My Future - czyli jak wyobrażasz sobie przyszłość ?otworz w nowym oknie

Autor: Dodano: 2010-03-28 My future When I grow up, I want to be an actor,because I like films.I saw a lot of films.I really want to go on a casting, but none is in my city.When I leave school I think I’ll go to universitety first.Then I want to travel to lots of differents countries.I’ll go to Antarctic and see penguin in there. After that I’ll get a job of actor. I’ll live in a big city in another country and I’ll have a farm in Poland.I like big cities and farm. I’ll get married early,so I...

Przydatność 40% The more change important inventions.otworz w nowym oknie

Autor: I, think the more change important invention are car, telephone and bulb. I chose that`s important invention, because, I don`t envisage everyday life without them. Without car, We would move on horseback or on infantry. This would last longer. Without telephone, We would can`t communicate oneself on distance. Without bulb, We would can`t read books, do lesson etc. after of the sun. iF Thomas Edison didn`t invent bulb, We would candles and would be more fires.

Przydatność 40% My summer holidays (gimnazjum/liceum)otworz w nowym oknie

Autor: Dodano: 2011-09-18 My summer holidays My real holidays started two weeks after the end of the school. Firstly I went to Bulgaria by coach, riding with my classmates and Mr. Onderka. It was fun, especially that after whole year in Poland I had missed the warmth and sun very much. We swam and dived a lot and we came back home happy. I stayed at home only four days and then I flied to London for two weeks to learn some English at international summer school. I enjoyed it and I think I improved my language...

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